Have you ever receive moniy from rewiewstream.com ?

@Lisander (273)
September 19, 2008 4:31am CST
Hi everyone. When I was reading how to earn money in internet(and I still don't know, if I will receive anything on paypal without a credit card), anyway, I read about this site http://www.reviewstream.com/writereview.php/?inv=tgW7yEocm1Cy (this is my referral link, so, bear with me here))), and read that they pay 2$ for each review. Of course I immediately went there, and submitted a review, and, in spite of my English, today, when I had lost hope and forget about that review, came a reply, that they had approved and paid me 2$. The thing is, I can take the money only if I have 50$. And that is why I want to ask you, had anyone received money from them? before I continue. I need only maybe 1$, that I can take with myself to see, if paypal works for me, or if I mast go to the bank and open visa card, I really-really need to by some things on ebay, and this aspect needs to be checked too, to see if I will receive anything from ebay, because I live far away from the countries like US, Canada, that ebay usually sends his items. I really don't want to go to the bank, and open a card for some 50$, if I can do anything via paypal. I still hope I can use my webmoney $ somehow, it's like paypal, and I have money there, and again it turned out, that I can't bay anything from ebay with it. Really, I don't need credit card, or I don't need it with dollars on it, so, I really want to try other methods, before that.
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