Tattoo's what's your input on them?

@Seppy1984 (2145)
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September 19, 2008 9:57am CST
I will say that I have 2 Tattoo's. I'm going to get another one done in about a month. Now my hubby has 12 tattoo's and plans on getting like about another 5 tattoo's. I keep telling him that he has enough tattoo's but he keeps saying that they are addictive. To me they are not addictive. I only want 4 more tattoo's. I dont want to go overboard. I think tattoo's are a very pretty art until you go overboard with them. My tattoo that I have on my leg it is a memory tattoo. And I have one on my upper right arm and that was a birthday present. Just out of curiousity how many tattoo's do you have and how many are too many?
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19 Sep 08
I have two tattoos. A butterfly that was a bday present on my shoulder and a gemini symbol with a bleeding heart on my wrist. I know there is at least one more that i know i want. But i like tattoos and might get more. I have to say for each person its different on how many is too many and how tasteful the ones they have are. And i think they are kind of addictive because right after my first one i wanted another, but not having the money to get it i had to go with out. My second one i got for free because i have a cousin that does tattoos. I view tattoos as an art form and as art is in the eye of the beholder it has to be different for each person.
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