prunes and constipation

September 19, 2008 9:58am CST
when i got pregnant, there had been so many changes in my bodily systems. one of this is my regular bowel movement. my regular time is in the morning, daily. but when i got pregnant, no matter how much i ate, it would take days for me to move my you know what. anyway, that would mean bloated belly, flatulence, and really smelly farts. it was really uncomfortable. then my ob-gynecologist recommended prunes. i just take a piece after each meal, or sometimes two, and the next day, it is so easy to finish my morning ritual. sometimes, i even go twice. this regular movement, combined with a balance and just enough meal each time, has made my life so much easier. i don't feel sick after every meal. and i don't get so hungry as often. thank God my cravings are already gone. so i am pretty much back to normal. thanks for all the prayers everyone! :-)
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