Dont you think Spiderman should have had a better looking heroine ?

@akpay22 (132)
September 19, 2008 11:17am CST
Kirsten Dunst is strictly Ok. Couldn't the producers, directors hire a good looking , young girl as a heroine for Toby Maguire? Dunst looks jaded and too old for Spidy. Its difficult to believe that Spidy has fallen for such an average looking girl. YOur views please.
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• India
17 Oct 08
Kirsten Dunst is fine with me. I think she is doing a good job for the movie and giving judgment to the role. As far as the beauty is concerned, heroine specially in a superhero film is not so much important and putting a beautiful actress will distract the viewers from the main story. But Kirsten Dunst is very beautiful and cute in my opinion. :D
@madgoose (75)
19 Sep 08
I ask everyone this same exact question when I watch this movie, actually in fact any movie I have seen Kirsten Dunst in I ask this question. The only reason I can think that she was cast as a leading lady love interest is that Toby Maguire isn't much of a looker himself, so I guess it's believable that two people like that could be a couple.