Chelsea is going to win the EPL this year

September 19, 2008 11:33am CST
I am sure Chelsea will win the EPL this year. The whole team is in form. They are the strongest team in Europe this year. Poor Man U ...I pity them for this weeks game, no Vidic = no defense... Chelsea is not only the strongest contender for EPL but also for the Champions league.
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@nickventere (1424)
• Zambia
19 Sep 08
Although I personally think it is too early to call the shorts, I believe Man Utd is in great form save for the lopsided performance lately. if you watched the game against Villareal, you will agree with me that they put up a very good, rather splendid show regardless of not scoring any in the back of the net. Looking at what everyone is putting in, I see Man Utd more focussed on the game.
@taaha7 (10)
• Pakistan
19 Sep 08
I agree with you totally. Man U are the best team in the world. Every time they lose , they come back even stronger! Now that Ronaldo is back, Man U will once again dominate club football and Chelsea will once again stay where they belong.... The number 2 spot!
• Zambia
19 Sep 08
Taaha7, your comment tells me that you do know soccer very well, especially English Premier League soccer! What did people say at this very time last season? Didn't all say Arsenal would carry the day? But who did? It was none other than Man Utd who seemingly were way down at precisely the same time last season. In fact, Man Utd were trailing until about January!
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
20 Sep 08
I think it's much to early to make such a prediction. Manchester United had some injury problems last season too, and that didn't keep them from winning. And how can you be sure that Chelsea won't loose some players too? Also, you're saying Chelsea will win the league because United can't - what about the other teams? Man Utd and Chelsea are not the only teams fighting for the title... It's obvious that I'm a Man Utd fan , but I hope it will be a beautiful fight for the title, and the better team will win in the end!
• Indonesia
20 Sep 08
I fully agree with you. They have the perfect team this year comparing to other teams in EPL and UCL. Although many said that it's too early but I have strong confidence to say that Chelsea will win a major trophy this year. It can be EPL, UCL, or even both.
• India
19 Sep 08
its too early to predict the result, but they have very gud chance of wining epl. this year wining epl is not going be easy. the will be tough fight between all the four teams. well, man utd are underperforming at the movement. at the movement there are chances of wining epl has slightly weaken. if they lose this weekend, it will get a bit tighter for them. if chelsea wins they will open up a gud 9 point lead over man utd. nine point lead is huge. they have to pick up a point atleast.