how to relax yourself

September 19, 2008 12:32pm CST
in the morden society ,the pace of life is becoming faster and faster and people are more stree in their work ,we can do a lot of things for relaxation, most people get up late on Saterdays and Sundays ,some like to play ball games while others like to spend quiet weekends by themselves ,reading stories and listening to music .i prefer to go to the theatre or cinema with friends or visit friends and relatives .what about you my mylot friends? which way would you prefer to ?
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@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
19 Sep 08
Relaxation is a state of mind and is mostly linked to a place,object or a person that makes one feel cool,comfortable and refreshing.In a hectic and faster routine life,the search for a suitable source for relaxation is becoming hard with many changes happening within oneself and the surrounding where one lives,resulting in change of tastes and attitude.People are looking for a variety of ways to enjoy and relax rather than being confined to a single source. I find myself greatly relaxing while I get closer to a natural object or environment like spending time near a sea,lake,hill station, sanctuary,forest or a park.Besides,I find much deeper relaxation,while doing my regular meditation and yoga,where mind goes deeper within to realise the absolute truth of life. Thanks.
• United States
19 Sep 08
There are many ways to relax. Taking time off to be with family is a good choice. You can try going on a weekend getaway to some resort. Or you can try a spiritual retreat where you practise silence, meditation, yoga, etc. Or you can just stay at home, watch a movie, have a great meal with your loved ones and laze around :)