Halloween & Christmas???

United States
September 19, 2008 1:16pm CST
I don't know about you all but I think it is wrong to have Halloween and Christmas Decorations and such displayed not only at the same time but right next to each other. Every time I go into a store you see a big sign that say "Ghouls, Ghost, Trick or treat" or something else along those lines and the next isle over is Christmas stuff. I understand this world is commercialized but that's just wrong. They need to either wait till November to start putting up the Christmas Stuff ot at least have the decency to put a couple isles between the holidays, I mean I don't wanna look at a card that says "welcome to hell" and then a card that says "God Bless this season". Anyone else think it is wrong to have both holidays in one spot? What are your opinions....
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@dogsnme (1266)
• United States
19 Sep 08
I agree. The thing that irritates me most of all, and I think you mentioned it, is the fact that now you have Christmas decorations being put out in stores at the same time as Halloween. It's no wonder that by the time December rolls around, a lot of people become so humbuggish about the whole season. When I was growing up(I'm 40 now) you never saw a single decoration for sale, never heard or saw a single Christmas commercial, or heard a single Christmas song until after Thanksgiving. I think that's the way it should be. So much emphasis has been put on the commercial aspect of Christmas, on getting a jump on the Christmas shopping season, that the whole meaning of Christmas has been forgotten, or at least largely overlooked; the birth of Jesus Christ.