Live a carefree and healthy life

September 19, 2008 9:46pm CST
Some tips for healthy living: Share your joy with friends and relatives. It increases happiness . Share your grief. It reduces your weakness. Get up early before sun rise. It gives ample time for inhaling ozone and helps improving memory. Never go late to your bed as you are nearing ghosts at 12 night. Release your stress by telling the truth. Truth need not be remembered. Enjoy posting your advice also for the benefit of all readers like this titbits.
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@jzjqdkd (273)
• China
20 Sep 08
eat vegetable and fruit more,take more time with the person you love,exercise your body regularly,to talk with your friend more,get a positive attitude towards life,to look for the beauty existed in our life,and enjoy it .
20 Sep 08
Yes ofcourse.
• India
20 Sep 08
These tips are no doubt good for healthy life. The most important is be trust worthy and and do trust on others is an other factor to get rid of unwanted tensions. Be fair to others and do not cheat, it will give your eternal satisfaction. Shun violence at home and workplace it will give you peace of mind. Do not disturb others, live and let live will improve your mindset.
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20 Sep 08
Thank Q my friend. Good say
@rup011 (726)
• Germany
21 Sep 08
Thanks for the tips about healthy living. These are very true. I will share some tips which I believe. If you walk bare foot on the green grass early in the morning, it improves your eyesight. Introduction of spirituality in ones lifes, helps remove stress and improves health too. Its really very important. One should spend some time alone everyday just for oneself. One should avoid digging up the past bad memories. Forgive and forget should be practised in real life. Try to have a good laugh whenever possible.