PROBLEMs in "SFGTD-Box"?????

@jay399us (269)
September 20, 2008 2:06am CST
Hey friends everybody will have problems in there life, isnt it???? So what will you do when problems come in front????? Do you try to resolve it???? Or you get frustrated???? If you try to resolve it still it is not getting solved?????? Try it out with soem other way, the answer is within you, search it..... But what will you do even after all kinds of try n efforts you have made there is no solution then.,.......... Then put make one cheat of that problems n put it in SFGTD box...... Now you will be wondering what is SFGTD= Something For God To Do. See i guess everybody believes in GOD... So if we will do everything what he will do.... So when you are too much troubled put that problem in his box, so will have chance to do something for you...... See you can put each n every problem in this box but once you have put your problem in this box the time taken to resolve it will be decided by GOD. So mind it when you put your problems in this box , dont put each n every problem in it, put only in which you cant do anything...... Thanks for reading this much n responding... I guess this will help in your life a lot....
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• China
20 Sep 08
Thank you.It seems like let go,let god.Just make youself feel good.Believe god,believe unverise.Don't worry about that and everything will be ok.
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@jay399us (269)
• India
20 Sep 08
No buddy its not like that . Its saying that you should do your part of work and let the rest be done by the god...