Can my friend treat me better??

September 20, 2008 2:08am CST
I always treat my friends well, and I expect them to treat me the same way I treat them. However, i always disappointed by them. I really hope that i have nice friends like others, who can buy me something to eat when they go out, accompany me to somewhere when i go out, chatting with me when i am boring, help me when i am in trouble. Is that what i want is too much? Should i just be happy with what i have now, just a steady relationship with others, not too hot and not too cold?
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• Malaysia
13 Oct 08
hi.. jlingapple. Friends, during primary school, you have your own friends. Then, secondary school, another packs of friends appear. After that, you may join Matriculation or Form 6, you may know a horde of good friends. See, different states, different friends. So, is it worth for you to be worried. Steady relationship is good enough. But, you still can find one or two best friends. Then you will find out what i said is true. So, be tough and happy^^