Do you get money from mylot payout

do u get money from mylot - hello any one get money for your discussions can u explain me how much u get and how much time to wait for payout
September 20, 2008 7:12am CST
hello friends do u get money from the mylot through paypal can u tell me how to create account in paypal and how they send money to us , how much time it takes to receive our money is there any one get the money please tell me how much you earn in this mylot and i want tips how to earn and how to get more credits for one response i participated in 34 discussions i get less money is there i need to know how they get money in the mylot please share you opinions to me.
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@khatri_50 (225)
• India
20 Sep 08
i have not recived even a single penny from my lot .this not a good sourace of incomebut it is time pass.
• India
21 Sep 08
U did not recieve any single penny from mylot , and u have to ask them to payout and u have an account on paypal then only u recieve your money from mylot so first u have to create an account on paypal then u have to receive your amount. thank you for your response
@Lisander (273)
• Armenia
20 Sep 08
Oh, well, those are all the questions, that I wanted to ask and was to embraced to ask. Do you mind if I stick around?)))) Thanks for your interesting topic, there are probably more newbies like us, that can use help with such questions.)
@Metalchick (1387)
20 Sep 08
As a new member myself I am keen to read your responses as well. Can confirm a paypal account is really easy to set up though. All you have to do is go to the paypal website, register, then follow the easy step by step instructons. I am halfway through my account set-up with them I am just waiting to have my account confirmed.