Love, love, love.....

@ayessa (1586)
September 20, 2008 7:53am CST
Everyday that I open the mylot I always see a discussion in a category or interest about love and relationships. That makes me think why do people fall in love? I may sound so ironic by asking that question but I really want to know the different views of people from different parts of the world on how you will answer this question. So please mylot community give some responses!
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• Philippines
3 Feb 09
Hi Ayessa, Though we are in the same Country I want to share some insights about Love. Let me Split the Discussion into 2. Men -they fall in love very rarely, if they do (that includes me)they will die keeping that love (true to us pinoy). -when men say I Love You it doesn't really mean that he loves you. -men usually confuse Love with Lust. -at this rate in our society and norms, we fall in love fast and at a certain rate you fall out of Love. -ITS HARD TO FIND TRUE AND PURE LOVE. Women -you do fall in love about 85% and gradually give your 100% -when you say I Love You you mean It (not applicable for some liberated ones). -a slight increase of women confuses LOVE from LUST. I know a few -falling in love is true on womens side. -be carefull in geting into a relationship.
@msedge (4012)
• United States
23 Oct 08
People fall in love because we all have heart to feel that way.It's one thing that makes our world go round.It inspires us to live in this world.Falling in love is part of our lives.It makes us happy and sometimes sad.It's a feeling that can't be explain.Oh, love made me crazy!