Do you trust your FRIENDS.....!!!????

September 20, 2008 8:23am CST each and every one's life...friends play a major part..and people do really trust them...but there are in some situations where things go wrong with our friends...and which happens in every one's life.... so guys let me know your experiences which u have come across in ur real life where you lost trust on your friends...
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• United States
20 Sep 08
My cousin who is about 6 years older than me was always my best friend. After years and years I finally realized that she doesn't think much of herself and loves to put people down especially ones that seem more together than her. S all these years I thought I could trust her and it is soooo sad that I realized I can't at all. Shes really bad. Everything I confide in her about she has to tell someone to make herself look better. I guess I just can't tell her anything anymore. I feel so distant from her now. I fell a coldness around her . It's really sad. We had sooo much fun together but I was sooo blinded. oh well.
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
well i don't trust the people i use to call my friends. i was really in trouble before and i ask their help but they never came. i thought they will be there for me but they left me hanging all by myself. now i haven't talk to them and there are no longer my friends.
• Canada
20 Sep 08
I lost a friend that I thought was a friend when she decided to take my daughter from me because she wanted her . She promised her that she would let her do whatever she wanted and that she would never get mad at her for anything if she would just move in with her . My daughter is sixteen years old and she did move in with this friend . Not only did I consider this person a good friend , she was also my husbands sister so it hurt us even more then it would have , had she just been a friend of mine . We trusted her and she went behind our backs and took our daughter from us . Our daughter did not stay with her long . Once this person was unable to buy her all the gifts that she wanted she took off and moved in with other family members . This friend to make herself look beter also went around telling others that she had no choice but to take our child because we abused her . I babysat her children from the time they were new borns until they were old enough to watch themselves and she knew neither my husband or I abused our children but she needed some way to justify what she did , so she figured this would be the best way to make others feel sorry for her for taking her own brothers child . She will never be a friend or even considered a family member to myself or my husband ever again . My husband always told me not to trust her because she was capable of doing anything but I always figured that she was a friend and it was his sister and I thought he was being hard on her . We were friends for over seventeen years and I had her children when they were younger more then she ever did , so it hurt even more that she would go around spreading abuse stories to make herself look better in what she did . I am not sure if she realizes how ridiculous this makes her look when everyone we hung out with knew that I pretty much raised her children because she was too tired or didn't want to be bothered with them when they were younger . It doesn't matter one way or the other because she managed to take the one thing from me that mattered more then anything in the world when she took away my right to mother my own child . According to the law there was nothing we could do about this either because our daughter is sixteen and at sixteen you can't do anything if they don't want you to . She has hurt her sisters and her brother just as bad as she hurt us when she did this and that is unforgivable . One can hurt me but they CANNOT hurt my children or I want nothing to do with them ever again . My children are my life and this so called friend took away from me the only thing that mattered to me in life other then my other children !! I have learned through this that one cannot really trust not only friends but family as well because I truely believed this person to be a friend and she was family for so many years and she could turn on us to get what she wanted as soon as my daughter was of age to leave home .
20 Sep 08
I've been betrayed and let down by so many friends that I don't trust anyone! I've been really a book on friendship and how to handle betrayal and hurt and a good rule of thumb that it's keen to promote is: don't tell anyone anything that you wouldn't be happy to see broadcast in the news the next day.