Do you think the world is unfail?

September 20, 2008 8:30am CST
I think the world is unfail to some people,some people are rich but some people are poor.Some people is very happy since he or she was born.That make me feel unhappy.
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@shanemre (357)
• Saudi Arabia
20 Sep 08
The world is not unfair... people are. We make our own decisions, we are given chances in order to make life better. Sometimes, it is people who makes life unfair for himself, also for other people. Happiness is not just about being poor or being rich, it is about being human. This world is not unfair, if we know how to make things happen for us. This world will never be unfair if we know how to help ourselves in order to have the life we want to have.
• Singapore
20 Sep 08
The world is unfair. Some people are born unlucky, that's life. You can't change it at all. If luck is against you, you would find yourself in trouble again and again. I feel like I'm always the person with the most troubles. I'm always an outcast. People always hate me because they think I'm lame, and I'm a geek. Nobody ever understands me. It's not like I wanted to be born geeky. I try to say hello but they just ignore me like I'm not there. That's why I chat online.. better. Online, people understand me. People listen to me talk about my troubles.