legacy of love

September 20, 2008 8:44am CST
I always reminisced the day i asked my father's consent of getting marriage. He let me sat down and we talk heart to heart. His eyes was as if bidding me not to get marry yet, but his deep voice giving all support with whole heart understanding. Throughout the conversations we had that very moment; one legacy i got: "always prove them wrong" this only and nothing else i treasured. Unmistakably, within the range of my marriage years I've crossed hyper accussations. All business matter rooted which everybody from my other side family became crab. Scared of Me becoming rich one day. So i was that person unaccepted from my husband's family. Pain, hurts, insults and all negative was that me. One day, my husbands family having a reunion. I was wondering in the scene everybody around was my parent in laws and their children, me and my husband. Where are the grandchildren? At the outset part, directly i was stricken up to end of the session. Ever since in my whole life i 'd never encountered such rudeness. Silently i was praying to God to strengthen me that very point while tears running down to the table top from my eyes. Right away something illuminated in me so i stand up in front of everybody, asking forgiveness of whatever offense Ive made, trying to explain but never given chance. Right after we got home, i rushed to and from in the toilet, my stomach badly disturbed, i had fever. Overwrought. The legacy i have was my ultimate weapon. i never gave up, i prove them wrong, never let happen a single accusations real in me. I may wrong in other side of my life but not of the false charges. This time, little by little they are becoming tender though i don't trust much. What could they do?They cant stop even the blessings flows. My reason is I've work hard, i dedicate my hands to my maker that in everything that i do, He is glorified. Iam thankful for the first time, i' ve shared one of my greatest pain experience in life here. Thanks for reading.
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