do you agree with me?

@ik4man (628)
September 20, 2008 10:58am CST
Do you agree with me that right now in mylot, there is less participation as well as less interesting subjects to discuss. I browsed almost all my discussion interest to boost up my idea and found to be difficult to start and to response.
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@Icyfairy (284)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
20 Sep 08
i agree with you to an extent. sometimes i feel so bored that i cannot think of a topic to start a discussion and all the discussions that i see are not ones that i am interested in so will not respond to them. however there are other times when no matter where i look there will always be a discussion that i wanna respond to. so i think that right now there is nothing that seems interesting to you so it will seem as though the topic are less intersting but hopefully that will change soon
@ik4man (628)
• Malaysia
20 Sep 08
Thanks for your respond! the only thing that keep me here in mylot is that i want to increase my earning for tonight as yesterday i wasn't able to mylot. But i think i need to stop after i reach 140 today, which mean that i post a total of 10 for today. Have a nice day!
• Brunei Darussalam
21 Sep 08
yes,i do agree with have the same problem as mine...
@dhangski (3194)
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
I partly agree with you my friend. I only find few good topics to respond and most of them are from my friends. That's why, I'm a little bit slow for this month. Some discussions are what we call here recycled or copied. But I still come here as much as I want to or if I saw in my notifications an interesting topic that I can respond to. HUGZ!