How many times you drink coke in a day? Which kind of coke do you prefer?

September 20, 2008 3:23pm CST
Every meal we drink a coke so, it's equivalent for 3 times a day. Which do you prefer: Diet coke, coke, diet coke citrus vest or cherry coke? I drink any of them but my most preference is the taste of the diet coke., regular coke tastes so sweet for me.
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@Laura84 (191)
20 Sep 08
I only have it at the weekends when I go out. I always get Diet Coke as like you I find regular cola too sweet. If I'm shopping I might buy a Coke Zero as that tastes better than diet.
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
Hi! Laura84, so you are online now, i just posted this discussion a minute and i'm very much i have gain response right away. and we are the same here. I like diet coke than regular..the taste really matter for the two of us. But in the family if we have no choice, whe have to drink the regular or any flavor of coke.