Why do we fall for the "work at home schemes"?

United States
September 20, 2008 3:32pm CST
Over the past several years I have looked to many online earnings opportunities with the anticipation and excitement of a toddler at Christmas. I am currently gainfully employed, and luckily have a roof over my head and food and non-designer clothing and accesories for me and my family. I also have 3 teenagers in college and would love to someday retire while I can still ambulate without a walker. My 401K is more like a 401c, "c" for cents. So, yes I would love to find a legitimate way to earn extra money at home to pare down debt and try to build a little nest egg for the future. When I purchase the "work at home" programs, I find myself spending money I don't have, for information that has earned money for everyone but me. The examples shown are sooooo enticing. They promise,"even a child could do it". They neglect to say a computer savvy, college educated adult can not. And the kicker is that you have to pay to advertise their product so you can have the slightest hair of a chance of someone seeing your affiliate site, let alone the gamble that someone will actually buy something. I've had more fun in labor, delivering my kids than I've had trying to make a home opportunity succeed. Yet, I still peek at a newly worded ad for more of the same and hope that this time there might be something in it for me. Shame on these people who feed on our hopes and dreams of improving our lives or getting the smallest chunk of the American Dream. They are the same vultures who woo overweight persons who have starved and exercised themselves to the brink, in hopes of being "socially acceptable...or at least the hope of walking into a room without being the brunt of snide comments. The same people who promise a cure for cancer, alzheimers, back pain...while knowingly getting rich off of "cures" that possess little to no validity. I guess where ever someone is in need, there will be a modern "snake oil" salesman to feed off of their hopes and dreams. Intellectually I know this...so will I buy another program in the future? I would like to believe I would not...but my optomism and hope tells me differently.
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@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
20 Sep 08
I always been told that anything that promise you wealth but require you to spend some money before earning is a scam. i don' know thing about that, but I believe that people are longing for a financial freedom. I believe that doing things at the internet would earn us some money too. Even it is not too much, but it is a real money. People were also looking for the flexibility of time. While when you are working at home you don't really care about making money and get life at once.
• United States
22 Sep 08
klaudine, I'm sorry if this is a duplicate post but did want to make sure that you knew that I appreciated your comments. Being new at this, I was happy to find your kind response...Thanks Again