September 20, 2008 7:35pm CST
Do you believe in hyip program? Just invest from $1 and then they will give you 2% profit everyday until 150 day. Sounds great but i don't know this is true or not. Anyone had experienced on hyip program please let me know.
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• United States
21 Sep 08
i have always heard that most are fake, i am in some but have not reached payout yet
• Indonesia
21 Sep 08
But some of my friends got their payout. But i also doubt it, did they will pay you until finish the contract or just pays few weeks and then disappears.
@24Champ (465)
21 Sep 08
In HYIPs, "timing" is a factor, i.e., when an HYIP has just launched, there is a high probability that it will pay its "new" investors. Rule of thumb is "don't invest what you cannot afford to lose". Do a "test spend" first say $5 or $10. When you get paid, do not be greedy and spend a lot more than that. Stay on the safe side. Also, try to visit trusted and neutral HYIP monitoring sites.
• Philippines
28 Sep 08
I've tried some of it. The first site I invested in is goldeninvest.biz. at first I was able to cash out earnings. I even referred it to my friend and officemate. But then after several cashouts my request for cashing out was denied or in pending status! I asked the management but they didn't respond. but then I didn't get discouraged. so I joined other hyip sites. FFG, monex, safeatom, olympex. unfortunately ffg and monex went down. and I didn't able to withdraw my funds. safeatom and olympex are still fine. I can still withdraw my earning from them. I think I will stick to them..