@mookhor (304)
September 20, 2008 9:44pm CST
Where from our food do we get ? It should be equally said when we say 'GIVE ME OUR DAILY BREAD'. Green plants are the primary producers as a botanist will say. It traps the photon particles of the sun in the chlorophyll of the green leaves and these photon particles are the providers of energy to all animals including man. We need energy to live. Thus we take the sun daily inside our body to keep us living and to keep us feet. Should we call us sun-eaters ? This idea had occupied the mind of the ancient Indians who in the hay day of early Vedic civilization had composed a piece of poems like this : OUM BHUR BHUBOSWAHA TOT SOBITOO BORENYOM BHORGO DEBOSYO DHIMOHI DHIYO YONO PROCHODOYET OUM The idea that has been developed in this beautiful poem is as follows : In the universe there are so many luminous stars. Let light from them enter inside me. This rendering is a rough one. Still whatis to be specially noted is that there is one word as "PROCHODOYET" and the derivation of the word is roughly like this : pro + chodoyet where chdoyet comes from the root verb "chod" meaning "to copulate".
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