What human creations will last for 10 million yrs or more to be seen by aliens?

United States
September 20, 2008 10:03pm CST
Assuming all humans die out very soon. Die, not vanish. Obviously there will be permineralized skeletal remains. But I'm interested in what human fabrications would still exist in archaelogically useful forms.
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@jimbomuso (950)
24 Sep 08
Hi handsomeitaliano! The only things left standing would probably be stone buildings, but even then there would be very little left, Its possible the pyramids would still be there, but 10 million years of climate and erosion would have all but destroyed them.
@suprema (297)
• Philippines
22 Sep 08
10 million years is a lot of time - I think nothing will last that long. The buildings and infrastructures would of course go into ruins, and probably after millions of years will decompose already.