Notebooks vs. Laptops

United States
September 20, 2008 10:43pm CST
The move to create mini-me's named Notebooks is a valid one. However, it seems to me that the manufacturers are missing the market. A Notebook is not a mini-Laptop, hence, it should not be bloated with those things that are in a laptop. A notebook needs to be: 1. Inexpensive 2. Broadband connectible with fast browser 3. Fast 4. Flash disk 5. Ports for connecting other things, USB A notebook does NOT need: 1. a camera 2. hard disk 3. SCSI connection 4. Loads of connections 5. Too many add-on applications 6. Bluetooth 7. Extraneous doo-dads A notebook with a fast OS, built-in browser and access to the Internet is all that is needed and is the basic. Nothing else is really needed. Once you turn it on and get on the Internet, everything is there. In fact, with Internet applications there is no need for applications on the notebook. Email and Office applications on the Internet include storage for such output, hence little need for a notebook with a hard disk. Consider online applications such as: 1. gmail for email 2. glide 3.0 for a desktop and office applications and a number of other online application providers The OS need not be Microcrap, but a stripped down version of Linx. If, and this is a big if, a notebook user wants to use a camera to take pictures or upload pictures, then the USB port can be used to either connect a camera, or a flash card reader. If there is a need for anything that is not on the notebook the connection via USB is there for that. Alternately, get a bloated laptop for those applications. The market for a notebook is straightforward, no need to make it a smaller version of a bloated laptop. If they were to do that the price reflects the idea. Why do manufacturers insist on not creating this notebook?
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• Philippines
21 Sep 08
i think you can consider the new ASUS EeePC as notebook.. it is small, and has the basic specs and applications.. i still have a laptop but considering to get one later.. i hope other manufacturers will follow ASUS in making low cost notebooks..
• United States
23 Sep 08
Biggest problems with the EeePC are: 1. Price 2. Microsoft OS (yes they do offer Linux at $50 less) 3. And it's loaded with useless applications and extra hardware. If ASUS removed Microcrap, extra unneeded hardware, took off the applications and loaded it with a fast OS and browser then the price might drop down to a fair and reasonable price. The idea is there, but the manufacturer's implementation reflects more greed than to offer a valuable offering.
• United States
21 Sep 08
hmm. This is interesting. I always took the two terms to be interchangeable. I didn't really think they were two different things.