smells good!! lol

@mayrose (323)
September 20, 2008 11:17pm CST
Two people are bind with love and respect, thru thick and thin, till death do us part but... Do you fart when your with your gf/bf/wife/husband is beside you? just asking..
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21 Sep 08
yes, i have. i really don't try to do it on purpose, but once in a while it just happens! :) when we were first dating i didn't even want him to hear me pee! i would run the faucet when i went to the bathroom at his house! lol but when you are pregnant, things just happen at times that are gross and that you can't control, so that was really the end of me being all cute. but i still like to be a lady and don't try to do disgusting things unless i can't help it.