I'm moving again, and really streamlining everything this time!

September 21, 2008 12:02am CST
i absolutely hate moving, but this past year I've done it three (soon to be four!) times. So I've decided to ditch a lot, and only bring with my the necessities of life. Have you done this? What things did you toss? If you had to do it, what would you need to keep?
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@paid2write (5202)
21 Sep 08
I have had to relocate several times in my life. The the last time I did it I wanted to keep only what I had to take with me, so I donated all my books and belongings to various charities, and disposed of the rest. I took only what was necessary to me. As well as a few changes of clothing, I took five books, my radio, some family photos, and a few personal items. I was surprised how many documents I needed to keep, not just for identifcation but for banking, employment records and certificates of education. Of course I had to buy a few new items when I moved into my new home, but I only bought what I needed for personal use. I was quite shocked at the number of things I had gathered around me over the years, that I never used or did not need. I don't buy anything now if I can't eat it, read it, wear it or have to use.