undercover agent

September 21, 2008 2:21am CST
God had a big mission: rescue hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth. to get the job done, He went undercover. He didn't come down in a blaze of glory, thundering through the atmosphere. He was born a baby, then quietly grew up as a carpenter, working amongst the sawdust in dusty old Galilee. talk about the perfect cover! "The world did not recognize Him" (John 1:10). but what would you have chosen?- to live on earth or spend 33 years in heaven where you could be having a blast, doing the most incredible, mind-boggling things imaginable? "the Word" gave up a LOT to take on His long, tough undercover assignment on Earth. and then HE willingly gave up His life so that HE could rescue us! while most undercover men sneak around trying Not to get caught, Jesus' master plan INCLUDED being captured. HE allowed HImself to be arrested and crucified to save us. and He wanted everyone to know that their sins could be forgiven if they believed HE was their Lord and Savior.
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