is this right

September 21, 2008 2:41am CST
few days back i had been to shopping, i just happened to see on the roadside that a poor man was selling some toys, then 4 guys came on 2 bikes the poor man was between them, then one fellow on the bike called the poor man, the poor man immediately turned towards him and was quite happy thinking that he would buy those toys, but suddenly that guy asked him to call the other fellow on the other bike just beside the poor man, he called the person and walked off with grief on his face, and those 4 guys were just laughing. dont they have atleast little sympathy towards human beings in distress, please dont do this......? dont you feel the same that this is not right
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21 Sep 08
well there are many people who just dont care about other person feelings...and i simply call them selfish people...who are good for nothing...which isnt at all right to do with another day or the other they will realise...
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
21 Sep 08
It isn't right at all. Nobody has the right to humiliate anyone specially poor people. They're already deprived and felt the need for survival and these four good-for-nothing individuals just joked around and laughed at the poor guy. Well, in this world, there are these kinds of people. I hope they learn.