Best lyrics for a song

New Zealand
September 21, 2008 4:46am CST
What are the best lyrics for a song you have heard before?
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
21 Sep 08
Hmm, I can't really pin-point which song I have heard before that has the best lyrics, because I have certainly come across many that are really meaningful and beautiful. But I can share a little bit on what makes the lyrics for a song awesome and makes it worthy to be among the list of songs with the best lyrics. Firstly, the lyrics must flow from line to line. I find there are many songs nowadays that are basically just rambling lyrics from line to line without a real connection between each line. Secondly, the lyrics would be good if it were based on a real-life experience. I find songs that reflect real-life experience really speaks a lot to its listeners, and sometimes the listeners of the song can even relate to the lyrics. These two criterias make lyrics meaningful to me. I have a few other criterias actually, but they are not essentials and are just additional ones that I might use from time to time. Some of them include abstinence from vulgar/swear words, usage of simple and understandable language and sometimes rhyming between each line.
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• New Zealand
21 Sep 08
Fair enough. All lyrics have to be like that in my opinion too. I think One Left Standing by Elemeno P (New Zealand song) has great lyrics. I also found a new song from Pearl Jam called Last Kiss. That is a really touching song.
• Philippines
21 Sep 08
we are the reason by avalon its a great praise song the lyrics of the song remind me how good God to us and how much he love us thats it
@ellovire (409)
21 Sep 08
i love the lyrics of GROW OLD WITH YOU by adam sandler.