Examination the horror

@mookhor (304)
September 21, 2008 6:40am CST
Children of our country are tensed on the eve of the examinations and a few of them take the most sad and undesirable decisions. Undoubtedly the socio-economic environment that is prevailing in our country and which has least potentiality to assure the tender souls in respect of their future is instrumental to such a sorry spectacle. ABILITY AND OPTIONS are not focused in main. I mean to say that every child may not have the ability to rank first in the class or may not have the ability to find a berth in the IIT JOINT ENTRANCE EXAM. This does not definitely imply that his life will be futile. We must assure him an alternative to him. Here comes the question of an option. A child must be provided with many a options and there is no doubt that he will be pleased and will be happy in either of them and will eventually do the best thing he can do in that. Have you seen the frightened faces of the children going to the examination hall. Do you think this system of examination is fine and should be allowed to be continued? Children do not learn to think freely through this system and it is a great loss not only for our nation but also for the human civilization. Hence something different and potential must be searched out to bid goodbye the torturous practices. What do you think ?
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