im krishna carmela

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September 21, 2008 7:03am CST
im krishna carmela, i was born on 1986 and that time the aquino's was famous at that time so i was named after the presidents daughter KRIS and just put HNA to it to look more good and unique, and carmela because all my siblings was named after a flower (the girls), when i enter chatrooms and anywhere here on net everybody thinks im an indian because of my name KRISHNA (note* krishna is an hindu GOD) and always keep on telling them that im not, but they dont believe me, i dont have nothing against indian but i really dont want to be associated with them, i want to be recognized as a PINAY, not with anything eles, thats why more often i used the name carmela, eventhough i think its an old name,lol, how about you guys??whom you named after with??
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• Japan
21 Sep 08
Again! I think you will get responses from Indians too much. Krishna is a good name and you don't need to worry about your name. Only thing is your national identity. You must keep it. Even if many of the Indians have European names, they still love to be identified as Indian only. That is a kind of identification and attachment we develop with our country. I respect your identity krishna. Oh! Carmela. Whatever you be called and wherever you are keep the good work going always. Best of luck!
@pkraj111 (2459)
• India
21 Sep 08
Hi we share the name Krishna. I am from India, my full name is Phani Krishnan after Lord Krishna fight with a snake. Phani means Snake in one of the worlds oldest language Sanskrit.