i have no lover , i want a lover, help me?

September 21, 2008 11:07am CST
please help me i have no boy friend, i want a boy friend, pls help me?
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24 Sep 08
Hi fathima, you wont get a boyfriend by just wanting a boyfriend, he will just come along, but then you have to know when the signs are there that somebody might like you in a romantic way. I believe you can only do so much of the work, let him do the rest. Mel
• India
23 Sep 08
According to me dont ask for your true love..It will come on your own way..only thing is just find out from your own friends circle...or make new friends...but dont be in a hurry to get your love then you will get cheated by anybody..all the best..
@rainmark (4306)
23 Sep 08
Oh Dear,you don't need to hurry, the right guy will come to you in the right time. If you want to find boyfriend in online dating, you can search dating sites on the websites. Make friends first don't hurry to jump into relationship, you must get to know the man. Good luck. Happy posting.
@mommyfied (243)
23 Sep 08
first thing to do is go out and make friends or go online and meet friends. from there you will meet someone who might qualify as your boyfriend.
• United States
22 Sep 08
I understand you want a boyfriend, but you can't just get true love like that. If you feel the need to be with sombody or you aren't secure, replace that need with a friendship rather than a lover. True love needs to be with sombody you are really in love with and that doesn't happen fast at all. You see all those kids going "I love you" to people they have been going out with for two days and this is not love. This is just wanting to be with sombody and in my eyes it is wrong. You should never say you love a person unless you truely mean it. If you have been thier friend for a long time, and really do love each other just havn't broken the ice yet thats alright, crap I'm straying off topic. Anyway, my suggestion to you is to replace that need of a lover with the need of a friend, then when you really do want to be in love with sombody, go for it. Good luck!
@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
22 Sep 08
a/s/l please. I have a guy friend who's ranting about the same problem.
@yadav8797 (1211)
• India
21 Sep 08
hi fathima, i like your discussion very much. i am happy to reply for that.friend, if you want a true love,you first make friendship and then go for love. as for your information i am also looking for a friend like you.but she should be simple,kind and understand the meaning of friendship. i like the inside beauty of the girl.not physical beauty which is generally like by human.if you interested in friendship with me,then PM me
@Laura84 (191)
21 Sep 08
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