What are ways you advertise your referrals over internet and in general?

@Amagnimo (637)
September 21, 2008 1:13pm CST
Like if you want to refer anybody to mylot, for instance... How do you do it and where do you usually start with, except for the blog - in a way that nobody's rules are breached and you can even refer good amount of people? Over forums, there's a signature tab, where you can always put a link and/or images. I was gonna hotlink one of the images in the Siggie to here, but am not gonna do that, since some of the forums don't allow hotlinking.. however, advertising through siggie in forums is a good way. Do you even advertise in newspapers ... I know it sounds crazy, but it can help, I suppose... it brings a lot of traffic to your blog, doesn't it... I have observed that in India atleast.
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