@TLcage (62)
United States
September 21, 2008 1:28pm CST
I'm thinking about selling some of my comics for a little extra cash. I've got some great rare golden age comics no reprints. I'm just not sure where online would be a good place, I already know ebay but does anyone know any other places?
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21 Sep 08
I have sold some old Tarzan and other comics in the past. Really, other than e-bay, you would be surprised about the offers from local shops. I usually ended up staying local and got some good prices from the Comic shops in my town. You do need to remember that they will try to get you for the lowest they can so bartering skills are a must. Craigslist is nother good spot for that stuff. The only problem there is that you may end up having to wait for a couple months before they sell. Try some links from the ComicCon website. These guys are very into comics and will buy for high dollar if it something that they are into. They are usually nationwide buyers also so they are used to buying things through the mail. Good luck.