The reason I don't watch the Emmys and the Oscars anymore...

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September 21, 2008 10:39pm CST
I used to watch all of the award shows faithfully and looked forward to the Oscars, Emmys and Tonys every year. However, in recent years, the award shows have become a platform for the liberals of Hollywood to bash conservatives, promote their own causes and make political statements. I don't know about you but I don't give a flying leap about the Hollywood elite's opinions on things. I think most of them are spoiled rotten idiots who only promote the Democratic Party because it lets them be more spoiled and more vocal about their own opinions. I always watched the awards shows to be entertained and be supportive of the shows and celebrities I enjoy. I liked the musical productions and especially enjoyed the performances by the Broadway casts of the various shows I hadn't been able to go see for myself. I don't care what these people's political opinions are nor am I interested in watching some idiot host the show and spend half the evening making political jokes. I don't know about you, but in an election year, I'd like to be able to watch something that isn't about the election. We have to see election stuff all day everywhere. Can't we have a few hours that we don't have to talk about someone's political views? Instead of the Emmys, I watched the Cowboy's play and it was infinitely more entertaining, especially since Dallas won and it was such a great game!
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@Sparkee73 (125)
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22 Sep 08
You said it! I'll make my own decisions on whom I vote for...I don't need some coddled celebrity to force their views down my throat every chance they get.