Farewell to Yankee Stadium

United States
September 21, 2008 11:20pm CST
Unlike most Americans, I've never been much of a baseball fan. In fact, the only time I've liked it was in the movies like "A League Of Their Own" and "Field Of Dreams" and a number of the old baseball films of the 40's and 50's. However, I have always admired a number of the players and what they accomplished. I've heard all of the stories that everyone else has but when I heard that today's game was the last game at Yankee Stadium, I was saddened. I do think it's wonderful that the Yankees won their final game at The Stadium. They had a number of the older players there for a ceremony closing Yankee Stadium after 85 years. It just made me think of the old movies like "The Lou Gehrig Story," "The Stratton Story" and so many others. If you are not a baseball enthusiast, you may not know that Babe Ruth, who was not only the all time Home Run King but also the all time Strike Out King, was the first one to hit a home run in Yankee Stadium. In fact, it was for Babe Ruth that Yankee Stadium was built because the team didn't really have a home game stadium because until Babe Ruth came along, the Yankees didn't have enough of a following to demand a home team stadium. I just think it is so sad that this era has come to an end because of those of us who do appreciate what has been accomplished there. Just think on the dreams that were inspired, created and fulfilled in that stadium and how they changed the lives of those who not only walked through those gates but even some of us who were never privileged to grace The Stadium with our presence. On a last note, does anyone know the semi-biographical, historical non-baseball movie that featured Yankee Stadium in the last 20 minutes of the film?
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