Claim your Prize!!!

United States
September 22, 2008 4:16am CST
Dont you guys just hate it when you receive an email saying that you won something. Then it tells you to click on it to confirm. Then you put in your info, such as your name and mailing address... then when its all said and done, on the final page, this shows up: Summary of program requirement. To receive the reward you must 1) be a US resident at least 18 years of age or older; 2) register with valid information; and then here it is guys, here is the catch...3) complete the following reward offers: 2 silvers offers, 2 gold offers, and 6 platinum offers. Some reward offers require a purchase. Credit card offers may require you to activate the card by making a purchase, transferring a balance or taking a cash advance. AND THEN REFERRING 2 OTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER TO COMPLETE THE SAME THING. Come on, it aint winning when theres monetary activity going both ways. What do you guys think?
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@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
30 Sep 08
If they want a credit card, they aren't getting it from me. Not a chance in h-e-double hockey sticks. Anyone site that wants a credit card to redeem a prize is a scam.
• India
22 Sep 08
I use to get so many emails like this. I have replied so many times with address, contact number and other informations. Then got a reply like you have to pay this much of amount for the dispatch and delivery of your winning amount. I also feel its very dangerous. I always dont want to take any risk. So i deleted all those mails.
@kiiizu (1901)
• Estonia
22 Sep 08
Don't you think, to enter your data to such places may be dangerous? Even if the site seems to be legit at the first view? I'm usually deleting such things without reading.