Have you tried wearing your shoes without socks?wearing trousers, no underwear?

September 22, 2008 8:11am CST
I have done these things, myself. It is very relaxing, and also comfortable that you have no socks between your shoe. It has some advantages and also some disadvantages to the wearer. The advantages are: Your feel very relax, no hasle of wetting because air can go freely into your feet. The disadvantages are: You could get your shoes more dirty, so you have to wash it often more than you have some socks on. You tend to have some corn in your foot near your nails and in the sides and souls of the foot. In the other hand...... wearing without an underwear is never practice outdoor, it is just given credit during bed time because it increases the sperm production of the male, that it is recommended to all married males so that you can have a productive family life.