how often??

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United States
September 22, 2008 10:08am CST
How often do you...change your sheets? do the laundry? clean your bathroom? vaccum and sweep? clean your windows?I change sheets once a week. Unfortunately, my washer is broken, so laundry only gets done once a week, and with four people living here, my hubby, myself and two little ones, you can imagine how much accumulates in a weeks time, so that's usually an add day thing. I clean the bathroom every other day, and with the kids, I have to vaccum and sweep everyday too. The windows don't get done nearly as much as they should. I say once every couple of months.
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@4mymak (1796)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 08
wow !!! you really work hard... i truly salute you... i am a working mom... but even if i am not working.. i dont think i'll do as much housework as you do... the only thing that i must regularly (daily) is the laundry... because there is seven of us... my husband and i wear uniforms to work.. the children wear uniforms to school... so... even if i got less 'home-clothes' to wash.. i got five sets of uniforms to wash everyday... one big basket of laundry to wash and fold later.. and five sets of uniforms to iron every evening.. bathrooms.. no specific routine,.. but try to have them cleaned one every week... windows... ??.. i better go check them...
• United States
23 Sep 08
LOL hey, I'm saluting you right back..a working mom gets all the respect in the world from me.
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• Turkey
24 Sep 08
I try to do a big cleaning once a week and then light dustings and straightenings throughout. It's surprising how this small apartment can get so messy in a matter of hours with just TWO people living here. It's crazy...
@amlegend (945)
• Pakistan
22 Sep 08
generally there is a servant for it but on sunday, holiday so i do all the stuff myself atleast for my room