Children prefer eggs

@mookhor (304)
September 22, 2008 11:52am CST
It is my experience that children prefer eggs to fish or to meat. I can understand that they do not like fish as it has very sharp and small bones which disturb them while eating. Meat they do take but their heart-felt choice is egg. Will you please tell me what is the reason behind this ?
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@rainmark (4306)
22 Sep 08
maybe kids like eggs because of its shape and it's because of it's yellow yolk. Not only kids like eggs but also some adults, like me, i do like it specially the boiled eggs. happy posting.
@dsharat (456)
• India
22 Sep 08
Hi there.. Its not just kids who prefer eggs..Many others also go for eggs.Eggs give us proteins and all other essential vitamins and carbohydrates n all.They are easy to digest and tasty and there is no need to wash them to clean blood and all other things on it..which makes people to hate meat..And the best part of eggs is they are easy to cook and easy to eat..Thats why many prefer them..
• India
22 Sep 08
hi..frnd as u said tht the children prefer eggs rather than fish n meat...bcoz fish is having sharp bones and meat is having the same while eating that they get disturbed with it...dan egg..because...children like to play with balls n u can see they put tht balls into their mouth egg is a smooth one which looks like a ball too..they eat them and they wont have anyproblem while eating tht...i m telling this because i was thinking the same while i was around 8 yrs of age..dat is my experience if anyone like to comment..u fun..byeeeeeeee