What do you feel when you confront the mirror image of yourself?

September 22, 2008 11:57am CST
Even thought of confronting the mirror image of yourself. Well have you seen any person who has been mirror image of you on TV, books, fictions, real life or say living in your neighbor. How would feel like if ever so happened with you? Personally I would be embarrassed but then suddenly I would like to find some differences because their are no two equal in this world and how many of you feel its true. It could happen some qualities may be similar to you but not all and even the situations also may vary so i feel its impossible to meet someone mirror image of you but IF........ the what will be your response.
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• India
22 Sep 08
i have this type of eperience because while i was travelling around india..in a tour i found some what same as me...he was looking some what same and his face was matching as me only..while i saw him i was in a shock that i found a person same as me...but while i went near him i found some changes and but face was matching little only..and his way of talking was really boring...nd i dont like boring people..i like to be cool n rocking always...but he was too bore..and his face was having some scratches nd al..atlast i confirmed he is not of my type..nd he is just a person looking close to me..dat is my experience buddy...so.if anyone one had the same exp...u can too share it...so...bye..hav fun