what kind of dreams you will get

September 22, 2008 1:07pm CST
hello friends what kind of dreams you get when your sleeping is it was good dreams or bad dreams. When i got some problem and i cannot solve it in that day i will get dreams on about that particular think and i cannot sleep that day and what about you do you get any dreams about your work.
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• Philippines
22 Sep 08
I usually dream about really, really weird stuff but it's usually affected by what's happening around me when I sleep. My boyfriend's usually up watching at the time I sleep and I usually get my own mind's version of the whatever show he is watching. Pretty neat. I like the dreams my mind weaves.
• India
22 Sep 08
you think that your boy friend seeing on your parts and that you want to do romance with him. But i don't get that kind of dreams because i don't have girl friend to get dreams like that but some time will get like that when i saw some movies like that.