Thunderstorms can be wonderful

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September 22, 2008 4:14pm CST
Ever since I was a youngster I have loved thunderstorms. I want to be where I can see the lightning and hear the thunder roll. My father used to tell me that the thunder was Hendrik Hudson bowling and getting a strike. Of course, if it was very short, then maybe it was a split. My dad was brought up in New York state, so it was reasonable for that to be a legend. Of course, since I've grown up I've found that thunderstorms can kill, so that makes me careful of being where I can get hit by lightning, but you'll still find me on my porch watching the show. And while I'm sitting there I pray for the people and animals who don't have shelter or who might be hurt by the storm, because there are always some.
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18 Oct 11
i agree that thunderstorms are wonderful ever since i was a little child i have always been fascintated by thunderstorms but i did not like them because that meant that i would have to come inside from playing outside with my friends but i have always loved to watch the lightening it gave me a since of fear but not the fear that you run away from i liked the addrinelline rush and now when it starts to storm i will go outside and lay on my back in the yard watching the storm