latency help please

@milindp (123)
September 22, 2008 6:56pm CST
i play lot of c.s but whnever i try to connect it on internet i get kicked out..... is this an latency problem or sumthing else?????? is this because of my firewall???? please help me thankyou
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• United States
10 Mar 10
i am guessing it could have been a latency problem that was going on. i am guessing that could have been the reason why. i wish i could help you out with that except i dont even know the first thing to do to fix something like that. well i hope it works right.
@frosteee (70)
• Australia
22 Oct 08
Hello there milindp :) first of all high latency or ping what ever you liek to call it can come from different things make sure you have no p2p software running eg; limewire, frostwire, utorrent, bitcomet, bit torrent or kazza eg. they hog oyur bandwith and you get abnormal pings and also make sure your playing servers that are in your country otherwise you will again get a abnormal ping
29 Sep 08
hello milindp Like silentkiler said this problem will happen mainly due to latency i.e if we high pings.some server admins may set their latency range to a limit for eg say 120 then peoples above 120 will be automatically kicked out.For more counter strike servers visit this where you will find many counter strike servers here. happy fragging.
• India
23 Sep 08
Hello milindp, It will most probably because of your latency. It hapens with me also . But i know a few servers where high latency is allowed and they do not kick players with high latency. Send me a friend request and then PM me if you want IP of those servers. Have a nice day!