kfc or mcdonalds

@mayrose (323)
September 22, 2008 10:40pm CST
I eat on fast food chains and i tried to eat both on kfc and mcdonalds, i both like there chickens and of course there gravies. What i like about kfc is there gravies are refillable and here in the Philippines we have rice together with chicken thats why you can pour the gravy on the rice.
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@razor123 (979)
• India
23 Sep 08
I love very much eating at KFC but you would find me most of the times at Mc Donald's. This is because in my country KFC is very expensive to afford as compared to Mc Donald's. For a common man Mc Donald's suits best as the rates are fair enough. At KFC I love the spicy fried chicken and the fries a lot. They are really tasty. In fact its one of the best chicken fry I have ever tasted. But have hardly eaten it because of the price. At Mc Donald's I always have Chicken Mc Grill burger and fries and sometimes the Mc Chicken burger. I'm not sure if in my country you get Gravy with rice at KFC. I have not been to KFC in quite some time so don't have any clue. But the next time I happen to go there I surely check it out.
@mayrose (323)
• Philippines
23 Sep 08
Hi! here in our country we try everything to reward ourselves after a long week of hardwork, its a relaxaiton for us. And eating is one of it, as a reward to myself i eat at kfc and its also expensive here. thank you for the response!
@justdoitz (130)
• India
30 Aug 09
i love both kfc and mc donalds. I like chicken mcgrill in mc donald with ice tea
@ryuvinta (153)
• Indonesia
4 Mar 09
i love have a dinner both at KFC and Mc Donald. they have their own recipe, special recipe. but i prefer eat at Mc Donalds because they have more menu than KFC does. and i think that i prefer menu from Mc Donald than KFC
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
I like them both but I think I like KFC more because the taste of the chicken of every branch is just the same.They can manage to maintain its tasty flavor.When I've tried in other McDonalds, there are some that don't taste like the chicken I've liked in the other McDonalds.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
27 Sep 08
I love eating at fast food restaurants and so does my fiance and we spend a lot of time eating at them,I personally like both KFC and McDonald's,KFC is good because they have awesome chicken and whenever we go there I always get the two piece leg and thigh meal with double macaroni and cheese,McDonald's is a little bit better though because they have the dollar menu which has some great deals like the double cheese burgers and french fries which is what I usually get when I go to McDonald's with my fiance.
• Malaysia
26 Sep 08
what i like at KFC - Cheesy wedges - Spicy Fried Chicken - Zinger Burger - X-Meal (1 pc Fried Chicken, 1 pc chicken burger, 1 small soft drink) what i like at Mc Donald - Big Mac - Grill Chicken Foldover - Spicy Beef Foldover - Prosperity Burger (only sell on Chinese New Year) yummy...
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 08
Hi Mayrose, it's always been KFC for me, as I love their fried chicken. I have yet to find another fast-food restaurant who has better fried chicken than theirs, especially over here, they have the spicy flavoured ones.