how to judge a persons mentality?

September 22, 2008 10:52pm CST
Let me explain, me and another four frinds were classmates since 3rd standard all the way to graduation level and we all were from middle class family. We all passed our engg degree with good percentage and time has come to look jobs. Since we all were grew up in a small town, there was no jobs available in our home town we wanted to go our capital city to find a job. For all these we need some money to survive for few months until we find a job. Two of us manage get money from parents and my self another friend borrow money from some one with low interest rate with our parents help but one of us his parents didn't help him for money so said you guy's go first for finding job and he will come later. As we knew about his family we thought to help him out and we four of us decided share his expenses including application fee's for applying his job. After six months also he didn't get job and he was frustrated and become a sick. Finally with my uncle recommandation he got job and buy luck he has got promotion within a six months time and he has started to earning good money. We all were happy but Now the question is, after this moment his behavior totally changes. He won't mingle with any us, and he started asking us, guys tell me how much you people spend for me for the past few months i will settle it and lot of other things also happened but now it is already too lenght writing so i will stop it now. Totally i have stoped believing people including friends. Is it correct what i'm doing? sugget me.
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