Why the Negative marks for what people Post?

United States
September 22, 2008 11:20pm CST
I've seen this many of times i've actually never gave anyone a negative mark for there post just because there is no point in it really but thats just my opinion. I dont understand why so many people like to give others negative marks for there post or even comments they give. In my opinion i honestly think that if you didnt want the truth or even want a negative remark about something you posted then dont post it. You ask a question or want an opinion and if its not something you like you give people negative marks? Does it make you the better person or make you feel better to give someone a negative mark?I mean seriously ive actually had it done to me and thats okay because i dont get mad over something on the internet because its stupid and childish. I post questions and respect evreyones opinion even though i might not agree with what they say but i dont give them a negative remark or a negative mark agaist them so people get over yourself and move on...Does anyone else agree or disagree i want your opinion so be honest.
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• Japan
23 Sep 08
Is this about the Rate this discussion Negative button? It's actually helpful because it sorts out who gives useful and fruitful discussions. Yes, you are correct that this button can be abused. Anyone can give negative ratings to a myLotter (or specifically target and bring down the reputation of a myLotter by always giving him/her the negative remark) even if the myLotter's discussions are good. However, this button is smart. It affects the reputation of both the rater and the rated. That is if someone keeps on giving negative remarks, his/her reputation also goes down. So it is NOT advisable to give negative remarks to someone who you don't agree with. Everyone is entitled to his/her own personal opinion and everyone's respect is needed. I myself rarely use this button. Generally, this negative button is used for very offensive comments/posts, direct personal attack to a myLotter, a post which is not related to the current topic of the discussion, or a spam post. Hopes this helps.
• United States
24 Sep 08
Right and i understand that and agree with it to a point...however if you dont like the post or disagree with what someone post then dont read it and dont comment on it. I dont attack anyone or give anyone a negative rating even if the post dont even make sence i still wouldnt do it to me it just dont seem right to do people like that.I guess im jsut to nice i suppose i mean i do have my opinions and i'll tell you what i think and weather or not you like it well that really isnt my problem you asked and i answered is the way i see it.