What does it take to make a good movie?

United States
September 23, 2008 12:01am CST
What does it take for you for a movie to be appealing or considered good? And what is it that absolutely turns you off about a movie? I know I have seen movies where the storyline was really good but the acting was horrendous and it really just ruined the entire movie for me. There was a really old horror movie I think it may have been called Psycho where this man dropped a chainsaw off the side of the stairs in a stairwell and it continued to run and cut some girl in half who was three flights down. Ok now that is just way too overboard for me and so unappealing. I need a storyline to be at least a little plausible unless it is a fantasy type movie which then not being logical works. So for me good acting and a great fantasy- mystery or horror plot is what I need to consider it a great movie.
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