hangover remedies!

@aquarina (172)
United States
September 23, 2008 1:21am CST
What are your best hangover remedies? I've heard so many. i usually just pop some advil. what do u do?
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@dookie03 (578)
• United States
26 Nov 08
Ya know i heard another hangover cure the other day that i just had to add to this. It's fritos and hot picante salsa. I guess it really works too. If you have that for breakfast the next day after drinking i guess you pretty much sweat it out. I'm going to try it this weekend to see if it works.
@dwcorona (187)
• United States
2 Nov 08
I eat a big breakfast and a tall glass of milk once I know my stomach can handle it, then if it's nice and sunny out I gte outside and take a walk or just hang out, the sun is really good for you when your hungover, if you stay inside and it's dark and gloomy then you'll feel dark and gloomy!
@coffeeshot (3786)
• Australia
24 Sep 08
I find that if I drink heaps of water (about a litre) before I go to bed and take Panadol (Advil) that makes the hangover a lot more easy to deal with in the morning! I also find that eating something before bed makes me feel better in the morning. Hangovers are horrible, but we just keep doing it to ourselves! Why?!