Do you buy pirated CDs/DVDs?

September 23, 2008 3:56am CST
Honestly, I never bought pirated CDs/DVDs. It's a lot cheaper but the quality is also cheap. Well, I am not saying that I wasn't able to use pirated. I borrow CDs/DVDs from my friends and I think I was able to borrow pirated ones. I noticed some differences. When I borrow, of course, I will not ask them if it's pirated or original. They might get insulted. You are asking for a favor at the same time you are insulting them. What an attitude? Good if they will tell you the truth. As much as possible, I will only buy the original ones. Anyway, you can see the diffrence and it would surely last for a long time depending on how you take care of it. Remember, copying or duplicating is a crime and is punishable under our existing laws. Would you still patronize piracy?
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@rainmark (4306)
23 Sep 08
Honestly, i do sometimes bought those pirated cd's and dvd's when i was in Philippines, lots of them in the flea market. It's cheap but the disadvantages is it doesn't have a good picture, it's not clear and very blured so now i stop buying it. I stick to originals.