i need money!

September 23, 2008 5:13am CST
hey guys! are we really get paid of this? i really really need money to support my prime commodities. how mylot send me a money? did they already know my membership in paypal? sorry! i accept if you call me an ignorant, but please cooperate w/ me guys. please understand, i am new of this kind of business, and im the one who discover it. i need to know all the information about this, so that i can invite some of my friend bout this
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• Canada
24 Sep 08
This site does really pay :) I have been with this site for three years and never had a problem . The more detailed responses you can give and the more quality discussions you can start the more you will make . You can cash out at 10 , 25 , 50 or 100 dollars on the 15th of each month . You can go to your earnings to put in your paypal information , they don't have your information , you will have to put this in yourself but it only takes a minute to do . This is actually the best paid site that I have ever been on and would recommend it to anyone :)