down with grammer!

@clarkmy (428)
September 23, 2008 5:32am CST
look at the title, doesn't it soud crazy ,or at least frustrating to language learners like me? once a time ,in my class,one started a grammatical discussion about the part of the word "work' in the 'he goes to work at 7 every moring' ,is it a noun or verb? bith sides seemd aming one group of students ,the dabates turned out fruitless,except for an sigh of ''down with grammer'/ in terms if english language learing ,it is no exaggeration to say that after served years of concering,chinese students of english have a better mastery of english grammer than american ,as one of them ,i treat the phenimenon as largely owing to the grammer teaching method, the grammatical concepts and rules one explained and illustrated in full details but who can tell me is it true the students in americans have the grammer coures ? is that important?
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@gary_law (84)
• Hong Kong
7 Oct 08
Grammar is important but it is not everything, and different Genres produce different grammar. It should be included in the curriculum of English Language Teaching but it should not be taught without any context. Drilling and Rote learning just dont work.
@clarkmy (428)
• China
10 Oct 08
thanks a lot foe most people ,knowledge of grammer is another tool for crafting effective communicate,for native speakers of english the study of grammer stuctures and formalities the conventions of the language which have been learned spontaneously during the early years in the culture,\ thanks again, happy with yo u...